Mr. Lau and his family spent 2 days in Chiangmai and Chiangrai on August 14-15th, 2009 for a combination of hard and soft adventure filled with fun and joy!

Day 1: Hard and Soft Adventure in Chiangmai, Thailand

Wasting no time, Mr. Lau and his family head to their first adventure in Mae Tang, Chiangmai. They went for an elephant ride down the deep forest which took approximately 1 hour.

However, the real fun began when they met the beautiful river with a strong and swift current. Mr. Lau and his family prepares for white water rafting.

After receiving full instructions, Mr. Lau and his family prepares to enter the strong and swift current. (Video clip coming soon) Our next destination before the day end is the Long Neck Karen but it is now time for lunch. Mr. Lau and family took a break and stop by a restaurant in Mae Rim district, where many ducks and geese await for their arrivals.

After lunch, we continued down to the Long Neck Karen tribe in Mae Rim.

Day 2: Soft Adventure in Chiangrai, Thailand

The day starts with a trip to Wat Long Khun, Chiangrai before visiting the burmese border. We then head to the golden triangle, where the river cross between Laos and Burma. While visiting, we took some pictures from this lovely family.

Now comes the relaxing part of the trip: a boat trip across Mae Khong River to the small village in Laos, where you can buy some souvenirs back home. Once we returned back to Chiang Rai, our trip ended with a ride back to Chiang Mai.