Welcome to chiangmaitour with lifeonwheel.com & thank you for visiting our simple website,Services to suit all touring freely lovers tastes.Hopefully our services offer could meet your satisfaction and be part of your wishes to fulfill your holiday during your visit.

We’re a group of tour guide & drivers who have been more than 17 years experienced in touing & driving around the north of Thailand since 1990 . As per our experienced regarding nature’s lover tourist taste, the most of them are prefer to do the private trip on theirs own tour decide instead of join group package tour.

We’re one of your advantage choice to assist you whether you are a new comer or an old hand to enjoy and get as much benefit out of your stay in and around the northernThailand as possible. That is why we are providing you here with our services.

The following suggestion and offer are particularly suitable for those who want to be on an independent tour by Van or Car for rent include an experienced, well educated English speaking drivers and especially, could be able to be your tour guide to explore the northern Thailand on your own opinion & convenience as well.