Chiang Mai is the major city of the north, also called “Rose of the north” , a city built on the roots of a traditional heritage that dig deep into the soil of time since 1296. It’s a city with a beautiful cultural personality of its own. In addition, it’s been blessed with much majestic beauty in nature. The people themselves are an unforgettable part of Chiangmai.

Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s prime tourist attractions. and it is Thailand’s main mountain resort and second biggest province, about 700 kms.north of Bangkok, it is 1,027 feet above sea level.

Chiang Mai is one of the Asia’s most attractive tourist destinations. The old city of Chiang Mai with its fascinating indigenous cultural identity such as diverse dialects, cuisine, architecture, traditional values, festivals, handicrafts, and classical dance is a prime location in its own right. In addition, the presence of hill tribes and their wealth of unique culture enhance Chiang Mai’s distinctive diversity.

Chiang Mai is the focal point of farming community with a thriving market. It is also a popular tourist destination with both Thai and overseas visitors, its many ancient temples ,and its various cottage industries which are generally concentrated in villages on the city outskirt Umbrellas, silverware, woodcarving and silk are just some of best known.

Chiang Mai product is timeless souvenirs for visitors from all over the globe. In the northern forest, visitors can see elephant training camps (these huge beasts are still used in the teak forest) as well as colorful nomadic tribes that still roam this corner of Thailand. There are also opportunities for rafting and trekking.

Chiang Mai will fascinate you, you can be sure of that. And its people will welcome you with their traditional charm and hospitality…Enjoy your holiday & happy touring!