I use a translator on the Web to write in English because as you know we had some times hard to understand us.I'm glad I got your letter on my return.It is now six hours that we are in France. I found my son and my dog and it makes me very happy. It is 11.30 am here. All went well. But Thailand will miss ... And especially the heat. The tempeature here is 10 degrees and cloudy.We spent a very pleasant stay with you. This was very well organized, and our taste.Your kindness, your helpfulness was greatly missed in Phuket. You are a man very friendly, and I am delighted to have met you. In Phuket we had to d?brouiIler without you. It was difficult at first. It was very hot. We saw Big Buddha at Kata, the island of Kho Phi Phi and James Bond Island. Wonderful. Really beautiful! But there were many many people.

Thank you again for everything and take care of you.